Let's Work Together

Here some links of our colleagues and partners. Worth visiting.

Francisco Pecchia was born in Bariloche (Argentinean Patagonia) in 1978. He is a professional luthier specialized in Viola da Gamba and works for musicians from different parts of the world. Since 2012 he lives and works in Barcelona for renowned musicians, and also teachers and students from Basel (Switzerland).

The instruments for the Project "The Chest of Viols" are being built by Francisco.



The music school conservatory in Zurich (MKZ) launched a Viola da Gamba course for children. For more information and to subscribe, please klick here



The Winterthur Conservatory offers numerous opportunities for children and adults on all levels to get more out of music. So it launched newly Viola da Gamba courses too, where technical skills on the Viol and consort literature can be worked on. For more information and to subscribe, please klick here


Bossa Nova - The Little Light Consort