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W H A T   I S   

A    C H E S T   O F   V I O L S ?

The term 'Chest of Viols' is explained in Thomas Mace's treatise Musick’s Monument, 1676.

Mace gives an accurate description of six instruments

(2 Treble-, 2 Tenor- and 2 Bass Viols) perfectly fitted to each other in proportion, construction manner & building materials. These mating instruments were stored in a cupboard or 'chest', hence the term 'Chest of Viols’. 

O U R    P R O J E C T

The luthier Francisco Pecchia agreed with “The Chest of Viols’ Association” & the members of the ensemble “The Little Light Consort” to build such a Chest of Viols. After an intensive research on historically informed viol making, Francisco will build our 6 instruments taking as reference a viol made by H. Jaye in Southwark, 1618.   

As Mace writes: "Of such, there are  no  better  in  the  world than those of […] Jay […].”.


Playing a proper set of assorted instruments instead of a 'patchwork' of different models would not only be a step further regarding historicity. It would above all enhance the quality of our musical performances in terms of homogeneity of sound, volume & intonation. These parameters are crucial to unveil the beauty of consort music in live concerts as well as in recordings and thus share our passion & experience of that repertoire.


S U P P O R T   U S 

To purchase the 6 instruments, The Little Light Consort in collaboration with The Chest of Viols' Association

needs 60 000 CHF & additional costs for bows & cases.

If you wish to support us in this adventure,

we would be happy to hear from you: /


Direct contributions can also be made 

to the bank account of:

“The Chest of Viols’ Association”

IBAN: CH87 0900 0000 1553 9587 8



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Bossa Nova - The Little Light Consort
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